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12:43 p.m. - 2008-01-24
The party was split into two rooms. In one, the one that I had just left, a preacher and a girl were singing on stage. I am sitting with Marta in the first row. The girl singing is wearing the most ridiculous outfit, a flower pattern pant suit and underneath it a clownish red and blue one. I nudge Marta and say “Jesus” sarcastically; she doesn’t reply but nudges back. I am wearing earplugs, now I’m afraid that everyone heard me.

I slide through the crack between the two rooms into the other. The costume party is almost done. I am wearing my costume still and when I look in the mirror I realize that I look ridiculous. I search the house for the dress I wore before. The other room consists of many rooms. In all of them, televisions are playing russ meyer’s movies. The only people left are zeesy and some guy who used to be in painting at ocad. I ask zeesy where my clothes are, she had just slid in through the crack carrying sandwiches. She senses that I am embarrassed about the costumes and answers angrily that she doesn’t know. She says to the guy “I brought some salmon and spinach ones”. I find my dress and look at what she brought – sandwiches. I’m hungry, but looking at her plate I realize that it is for two, they are on a date.

I slide back into the other room, wearing my dress. When I am back, the preacher and the girl are play-acting. The preacher is a little devil sitting inside a cage. When I walk close to him, he makes tempting gestures and calls out to me. Everyone in the crowd laughs. The girl is now a small hand puppet coming out of the floor, also in the shape of something evil. She is wearing my scarf (the puppet). I feel embarrassed and try to take it away but the crowd coaxes me into giving it back.


Matt drives us to the lake, it is frozen. He looks at my big boots and says – – “Good thing you’re wearing those. I just know that you’ll want to go in.” “How?” I say, “It’s frozen.” I feel the water sucking me in and slip inside anyway. I can’t help it and my camera gets wet, it’s broken. I remember how it always gets wet in my dreams, but Matt’s camera is alright. I notice the lens cap by the wheel of the car.



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